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Marine Protected Areas

The following videos were produced for the Sonoma MPA Collaborative by Full Frame Productions. Special thanks to our funders: Resources Legacy Fund, The Campbell Foundation, The Long Foundation and the Sonoma County Fish and Wildlife Commission.


These videos are also about the Marine Protected Areas on the California Coast.  For more information visit the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Foundation website.



Pond Farm Pottery


Video footage of Marguerite Wildenhain is from a video produced by Rollie Younger, which is also available to view on YouTube.


Armstrong Redwoods




Ice Age Bay Area 

Quest's TV story, Ice Age Bay Area, premiered on KQED on Tuesday, November 11, 2007. The story is based in part on Breck Parkman's paleoenvironmental research of the San Francisco Bay area. Breck participated in two day's of filming with the Quest crew, including a bit at Sunset Rocks. You can watch the show below. Enjoy!

The producer's description of the episode: Imagine a vast grassy plain covered with massive herds of elephants, bison and camels stretching as far as the eye can see. Lions, tigers, wolves and later, humans hunt the herds on their huge summer migration. Where is this? This was the Bay Area during the close of the last Ice Age. Take a trip to a time when the San Francisco Bay was just a riverbed, 20,000 to 10,000 years ago.

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